Integrative Approach

Utilising a wide variety of strategies depending on what you decide may be helpful

When we first meet we can discuss the matters most important to you for exploring further. You can then choose which of the available options I can offer most suits your needs in supporting you towards your future direction identified or you may find comfort in the process of unpicking difficult issues simply with time and a confidential listening ear. I offer you support individual to your own needs.


Hypnotherapy service

Potentially useful if habit change wanted e.g. weight management, smoking cessation, for phobia management or as one off occasion e.g. public speaking, performance when visualisation techniques useful

We can discuss potential benefits from trying hypnotherapy to help you gain benefit to your feeling of wellbeing. The sessions are of similar duration i.e. 1 hour usually depending on the issues addressed . The number of sessions required will be discussed at the initial session and can be reviewed during the process.The process of hypnotherapy and any associated questions you may have can be addressed either at the initial meeting session or alternatively by email/ phone in advance of booking an appointment.

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Counselling sessions availability

Discussing your  individual needs/ difficulties  can be discussed either at your initial session or if preferred by phone/ email correspondence. Currently online either face to face, audio or email sessions are available which can be chosen as option at our initial contact

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